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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
), Mega (
), Energon (

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Reviews - Energon Checkpoint & Prowl (KMart exclusive)

angry prowl
I think this prowl is a lot better than the blue one,he looks good in his origonal colours.As for checkpoint he looks more like prowl than prowl perhaps he should have been prowl from the start.
Checkpoint's new deco is great. The Autobot symbol on his chest is nice and his redecoed head makes him look like a new character. Prowl's looks good with the painted headlights and more like a police car than originally. They match well when powerlinked.
I just wanted to say this is the best 2-pack and store exclusive to ever come out. The colors are awesome. also have Rodimus and blue Prowl and I have to say that Checkpoint and Prowl look better than the original. I'm not a repaint fan but this set rocks
Love the Prowl like haed on Checkpoint.Rodimus has a Brother?J/k.
Repaint awesomeness. Checkpoint's head looks like G1 Prowl, the vehicle colors are really slick. Great exclusive set, would get a 9 if the guns had new colors.
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