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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
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Reviews - Movie DOTM Starscream

If it weren't for the huge, clunky Mechtech weapon, this could've been the best deluxe figure I own! He has great paint apps for a DOTM figure, a convincing sculpt, and all in all, like Bumblebee, looks like a smaller version of his HFTD figure.
This is a very good figure for a deluxe. My main issue is that he is way to small for his size. Starscream is supposed to be larger than Optimus Prime, so this guy is way out of scale. Despite that, it is a very sturdy figure. Another issue is the chest.
They've fixed some of the flaws from the ROTF figure, and he's a good size for the new line. I'm honestly not that impressed with the weapon, it looks bulky and unnecessary to me. Good figure though.
Far and away the best Deluxe Mechtech weapon; great in both modes. Great transformation. A little too much open space in bot mode, but a minor quibble for a poseable, cool looking figure. Best Deluxe 'con of wave 1 and yet another great movie Starscream.
I dare say this one is slightly better even than dotm voyager megatron. A very sturdy deluxe with a transformation as interesting as a leader but still smooth enough that you can actually transform him without parts popping off of joints. A must have.
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