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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
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Reviews - Movie DOTM Optimus Prime (Voyager)

This is by far my favorite figure, and I have quite a few from dotm, excellent balance, awesome joints, so cool altmode, not too good mechtech weapon, six mechtech ports, all on his arm/shoulders making him able weild more than any dotm figure
Optimus has an awesome robot mode and the truck node, although not too bad, it could've been a lot better. the Mechtech weapon is awesome and looks great in his hand or stored in his back. It's an awesome figure, but still could've been better.
Great Vehicle & Robot modes
Could have been better, could have been a lot worse. He's a good figure for kids who may find the HFTD voyager Optimus, or any leader Optimus too complicated but the deluxe and activators too simple.
Honestly, I like the strange proportions, the cool vehicle mode, and unique transformation (for an Op). Neat MechTech weapon as well. More posable than Shockwave, but nowhere near as cool as Megatron. Wish the Voyagers were bigger in this set, tho...
This year's Prime is a bit disappointing. The robot mode is fine(very well proportioned, I must say), but the vehicle mode is horrible. It barely looks like a truck. Not liking the engines. Weird panels. Plus, the gun isn't faithful to the CGI model. Meh.
a good figure but could have been better. i love the robot mode and truck but a few things need getting used to. the legs for one and also the chest plate but the weaponised nature is interesting and the weapon is nice. don't skip him but not a must
Not bad, but not realy good either. I do like the weaponized and futuristic look of the truck mode. Articulation is pretty good but the smallness of the body doesn't go well with bulky arms and long legs. Worth the money but coulde have been better
Optimus prime is always #1 on my want list, but this years DOTM model looks a (little too skiny legs and tiny chest but big arms look) kinda hard to get used to it.Cant wait for the Ultimate Optimus Prime. Still worth it.
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