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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Deluxe (
), Movie DOTM (

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Reviews - Movie DOTM Sideswipe

Mechtech weapon is good, but unnecessary with his swords, which are a great addition. The vehicle mode is hard to keep together, and the lack of a floor is horrific. However, the robot mode is great, sleek and, well, not silver, but undeniably Sideswipe.
not bad but he is rather small and the mechtech weapon is pointless. The transform is fun and the lack of cibble is a plus. like a flintstones car with no bottom though
I do not love (or hate) this toy. It's too small & MechTech weapon is gangly/unnecessary. I'd rather Hasbro omit it & give car parts a metalic silver paint instead. Less back-kibble is nice, but ROTF Human Alliance & deluxe toys are both much better.
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