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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Leader (
), Movie DOTM (
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Reviews - Movie DOTM Sentinel Prime

Simply awesome.It's amazing how a block can turn into a very screen accurate Sentinel. The weapon storage is clever and there are just so many little features that make this one worth getting. If you have ROTF leader Optimus, he makes a great counterpart.
First of all Sentinel Prime has problems standing up due to top heavy design. Also loses a point for panels which will not stay aligned. The blade weapon also comes apart easily. Robot mode looks great but this figure did not live up to the hype.
epicly regal looking bot mode. cool weapons, bland but skail wise gigantic alt mode. fun transformation, interesting gimics. shame its not nemoy voice clips but no biggy. buy on site
Incredible. One of the must-get figures in the DOTM line. Kibble work suprisingly well and doesn't get in the way. Weapons are cool and the vehicle mode is cooler. Buy on sight!
The only major detraction I have is weapon storage. It starts off a good idea but they don't sit flush so the roof panel doesn't quite snap down and the bottom has a lot of kibble. Still a good figure though.
Wow. Just wow. HUGE in robot mode, with cool weapons and a very complex transformation. Poseable, cool sound effects, and even his kibble is strangely poseable. His vehicle mode might be a little bland, but that only makes his robot mode even cooler. BUY.
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