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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Human Alliance Scout (
), Movie DOTM (

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Reviews - Movie DOTM Sandstorm with Private Deadcliff

For all the bother they put into human alliance, we have no idea who the human allies really are. No personality. Sandstorm is actually a really good figure though, at least in robot and alt modes. The weapon mode leaves much to be desired.
A decent figure,it would have been better without the 3rd so called mode...that actually sucks.
a nice figure with 2 solid modes. deadcliff is nice enough for a generic soldier. the artilery mode sucks both as a hand held mechtech weapon and as a stand alone. don't skip this guy though. the moment you see him pick him up if you have the funds
I think they forgot about his weapon mode when they were designing him; not great for other bots to hold, not great as a standalone platform. Bot and vehicle mode are rad, fun transformation, cool vehicle mode. Overall, a good figure... just a lame weapon
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