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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Human Alliance Scout (
), Movie DOTM (

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Reviews - Movie DOTM Tailpipe & Pinpointer with Sergean Noble

weapon mode sucks but bike and bot mode rock. pinpointer isn't fantastic but is a nice accessery. sgt noble looks perpetually surprised or shocked which is always amusing. this human is not as good as some others but the set is a must have all the same
2 bots instead of 1 is fun. Annoying transformation is relieved by decent modes. Big bot looks cool, minicon is nice with the arms backwards. Weapon modes are meh. Human is decent with awesome name. Articulation for the lot is perfectly decent. A good set
I really liked this figure, once you get past the dual buzz saws. Pinpointer isn't that bad depending on the surface you put him on, but he has trouble staying on in vehicl mode. Not super great but not bad really.
This guy is disappointing. His dual-pizza-cutter weapon mode is corny, and Pinpointer can hardly stand up on his own. Transformation is too simple, too much kibble, and Pinpointer looks silly on the back of Tailpipe's vehicle mode. One big Meh all around.
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