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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Misc. DOTM Exclusives (
), Movie DOTM (

Reviews - Movie DOTM Human Alliance Leadfoot w/ Sergeant Detour & Steeljaw (Target exclusive)

He's not the absolute worst of the HA figures, but he's not exactly the best. There is some QC issues with his left arm, and theres the lack of posability, plus I would have preferred him weaponized. Overall, not a bad figure, but not the best.
I give him the same as Roadbuster, but ONLY because of Steeljaw being so cool. The chest cavity where the ally is supposed to ride is the most awkward part of bot mode for me, love the sunglasses stored in ballcaps like real nascar rednecks(I am southern)
Leadfoot Robot mode- Alt mode+ Steeljaw Dog mode+ except for no tail. Weapon mode-.
Honestly, while the transformation is cool, his lack of posability in the arms, his inability to stand well, and the vast open space in his chest when he doesn't have his human makes him lose a lot of points in my eyes. Cool, but flawed.
Excellent Nascar Alt mode with crazy transformation into robot mode. Instructions really do not help, so look at CGI render and got it really close. Love the robot mode shades and Steeljaw totally rocks! Hope Roadbuster and Topspin get normal alt modes.
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