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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2013

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Reviews - TF Prime Bumblebee (Beast Hunters - Cyberverse Legion)

He's annoying. He's yellow. He's freaking everywhere. Meet the reason most of the fans will never see another character, Bumblebee! Now he comprises 85% of all Prime shelf space!
Vehicle modes are easy at this scale. Robot modes are hard, and this one doesn't even try to meet the challenge. Honestly DotM Legion BB was better in articulation and overall design. Screen accurate, yes, but thats it.
hungover rover
Its good, not great. Needs more paint in alt mode. Transform is nearly identical to DOTM cyberverse version. I like the weapon system.
nice enough for the size and i like that we get weapons with the legions even though its translusant. bumblebee is quite chuncky in alt mode but looks nice enough. not a must get but if you like bb then get him for retail
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