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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2012
Categories: 2012 (
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), Cyberverse (2011-) (

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Reviews - Cyberverse (2011-) Arcee (Cyberverse Legion)

the best arcee so far. nice transformation that doesn't look messy. nice wheel storage. beautiful bot mode a must buy
I was realy impressed by this figure, she is ridiculosly tiny even for a legion class. The leg transformation is well thought out and doesn't leave a tyre hanging off her back like the two deluxe figures. Well worth the cash in my opinion!
Easily the second best of this scale, good articulation, solid vehicle mode, and doesn't feel out of scale next to the other legion figures. Even compared to other figures of the same line, she's small, as she should be.
hungover rover
Another great interpretation. Transformation of the wheels are neat. Glad they were able to keep the show model's wings as well. Smallest of the legion figures so far and in good scale with the rest of the Autobots.
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