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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Alternators Assortment 2 (
), Alternators (

Reviews - Alternators Sunstreaker

i prefer the bt version; the alt looks too much like dead end because the deco map is the same. but it's a great mold, and the figure the viper coupe was supposed to be. if you can get the bt, go for it. if not, the alt is a reasonable substitute.
Horrible! There doent even look like a place that the legs connect to the body! Makes him look like he is wearing a skirt. Also Hasbro isnt too lazy to make him a lamborghini they prbobly cant get the license to do so. they cant just pick a car.
I think most people are being kind on the review of this toy because it's Sunstreaker. But honestly, this one could have been done better for most of the reasons already stated. Alternator repaints are getting old. I could've kitbashed a better version.
Hylian Pirate
A great homage. If given the choice, I would go with Sunstreaker over his direct source Dead End. My only gripes here are the hot pink Viper logo in front and the fact that he's a direct repaint instead of some sort of remold. Good choice. Recommended
soundwave 47
alt collecter is right it should have been a lamborghini
Cybertronian Warrior
Wow!! He's stupendous! Looks like the G1 version. Hasbro, you hit it right out of the ballpark this time!
Alt Collector
What's wrong with Alt Sunstreaker? 3 things: should've been a Lamborghini; yet another repaint, and the color scheme is redundant (Decepticharge, anyone?); poor deco work. So, unless you're a completist, pass on this one or wait for it to go on clearance.
Yet another repaint/remold. Hasbro's too lazy/too cheap to do an actual Lamborghini? The yellow/black colors have already been done (Decepticharge, anyone?), and the Viper logo on the front is poor deco work. Not recommended, 'cept for completists.
Sunstreaker.... do I need to say anything else?
Cybertron Defense Scattorshot
i like the one with the stripes because having a Sunstreaker without sweet black stripes is totally lame.
This mold works great as SunStreaker...but the car looks so much better in black. Also mine seems to have some mold degrading, the right-rear tire is very loose! Get him if you must have him, otherwise pass if you already have Dead-End.
This guy should have come sooner! A nice addition to my collection! And just as an FYI, I can not review G1 Galvatron reissue anywhere so I am going to add it to Sunny. Get this Transformer! One of the best reissues they have ever come out with! 9.5!
Whether it's the Binaltech Asterik or Alternator version this is one toy that's definately worth adding to your collection.
I own the BT-02 version and I have to say it has a better paint scheme, bar the stripes. Awesome toy but the QC at Takara is kinda not as good now, as mine has half a viper logo..
Excellent vehicle mode, looks great as a robot and comes with a cute anime girl for scale, so what's missing? the quality; it's not as well-made as the BTs and the paint is severly prone to chipping under the bonnet and tips of the doors.
YEESSS!!! Finally, an Alt Sunstreaker. Love the black stripes and the Viper alt mode fits him to a T. Bot mode is a bit weak on these, but thats a moot point. He will be mine!
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