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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2012
Categories: 2012 (
), Playset (
), Cyberverse (2011-) (
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Reviews - Cyberverse (2011-) Optimus Maximus

for a cyberverse base its nice but only that. gimics are interesting but no proper articulation and transform gives this a low score. had it transformed in to a true tank, ship or trailer for optimus it would have gotten higher but as is, its scaffolding
This guy could have been better, but for the price at 32 dollars the only thing really missing from the cyberverse style of play is some kind of commander optimus to go with him, had it come with a commander optimus, and also turned into trailer id go 10.
Lowest score I've given, but outside of a good idea, this thing fails on many levels. No articulation to speak of, no character to speak of, and base mode is robot sitting down. Would have worked better with an exclusive figure and as Metroplex
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