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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2012
Categories: 2012 (
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Reviews - TF Prime Sergeant Kup

green ironhide is a good figure for being green ironhide. as kup it sort of works but the hood looks dopey if you don't flip it round. nice figure and good transform. what we have come to expect from prime rid.
A good figure, but not great. Sidewinder's aforementioned issues are also compounded by the hood being kind of a pain to transform. Honestly, I recommend the Cyberverse commander over the deluxe. They could have at least done a Kup-esque head sculpt.
I can't complain much about this figure. The bed of the pick up is a big gaping hole, but the robot mode is handled pretty well, aside from the hood, which can be taken care of by removing and flipping it. Overall, not bad. I'd recommend him.
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