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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001

Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Megatron

Great paint job. A bit too complex though. Paint chips off easly too.
Awesome looking robot, bad looking EVERYTHING ELSE. Even the much vaunted Dragon and Jet modes don't look like anything. If he wasn't so cool looking in robot mode he'd get a nothing score...Nice try, though....
you can tell they made the alternt modes around the main robot- sadly. most the modes are silly are pointless, man and jet and 2/dragon are the only ones i ever use. looks the part- and beyond! the t2 megs still reigns supreme
overall, cool. some modes are useless. definatly evil looking in bot mode. dragon mode and jet mode are cool. the others bite. only a six changer in the minds of the creative. otherwise he's cool.
Tony Watt
Nice toy, great when used in fights with Prime. Love his crusier and dragon modes, his robot mode is nice too. 'I would have waited an eternity for this, it's over Prime.', I'll be using that a lot in battles with Megas and Prime from now on.
Great robot mode! Yes! Sadly only a couple of his transformations look like anything. And theyre flimsey! Makes a great batmobile, but a little to ambitious for it's time. This one takes a lot of imagination kids!
Blurr's Evil Twin
I like this toy because of all the different transformations. One of the only drawbacks i can think of is that it doesn't resemble any previous Megatron at all. But it's still a great transformer.
Not a bad toy, but it just doesnt say "Megatron" to me. Anyone else think it looks kinda like Jhiaxus from the G2 Comics? I prefer Galvatron for the paint job. Some modes kinda require some imagination,though.
Bat X-9
This is for sure one of the best Megatrons made. He is show accurate, has nice colors and you can invent a ton of other modes(some don't look as good as others).On a side note the bat face looks more like a dog
this one is just to much japanese for me, its just not a megatron looking transformer. the beast war dragon megatron was a heck of alot better
Personally the hand mode is schweet because he can hold the G1 Megatron. Although I prefer Galvatron because he's white (reminds me of starscream) I still think this one is the second best Megs. The first being TM2 Megs!
Bowser 52589
This is definately one of the best Megatrons, in my opinion. Very show-accurate, great modes(bat face a little dorky, though), and a very fitting paint job for a villain. The hand mode is very original. Certainly worth buying.
Very cool toy I like all of the modes but bat mode. But when you get after that everything is great, show accuracy, transformation. Overall a great toy
Megaron is definatly one of my top 5 favourite figures. He is extremely possible and completely show accurate. the fact that this figure can also do ten modes is also just plain awsome
I absolutly love this toy. So poseble so many modes. Good thing you can do all 10 modes with this guy so you don't have to wait for Galvatron or buy 2. Could have done without the Bat and hover craft. Looks very menacing and big! Metallic colors go good.
the only thing i hold back is the hand mode all in all it has some good modes and is pretty cool the hand mode is handy for getting back with people and thats all
I think I'd like this toy better if he had less modes. he's really sweet looking in robot, dragon, and jet mode, but I the rest are a little funney. The bat would be on that list if it hadn't had such a funny head. I suppose the hand is alright, but why?
Bat-face is the weakest link. Otherwise toy is flawless! IMHO he's not only 1 of the best Megs he's got 1 of the best bot modes of all TFs. OUTSTANDING colors. Even after owning this toy for year+, I still enjoy details/thought that went into each mode.
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