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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
), Beast Hunters -Voyager (
), TF Prime (
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Reviews - TF Prime Predaking (Beast Hunters - Voyager)

fantastic voyager. the transformation of legs in to body is inavative and fun. looses points for the wing joints being loose but this could just be mine. both modes are solid and pozable. pick this guy up
To be honest , I really like this whole figure. Nice transformations , little gimmicks with weapons , and a terrifying beast mode. I can not wait to start my predacon collection.
A lot bigger than Prime Voyagers. Interesting transformation, looks good in both modes. Loses a few points for his rubber bot hands as they make it hard to hold his sword. Cool blasters, but they're a little too big for bot mode. Good posability, buy him!
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