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Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
), Beast Hunters - Ultimate (
), TF Prime (
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Reviews - TF Prime Beast Fire Predaking (Beast Hunters)

The transformation is very simple, but both modes look pretty good. He is stable in robot mode. The beast mode has only one fault: his biting feature makes his head stuck looking up. The weapons are pretty cool, too. He also scales better than the Voyager
Not impressed. Boring xformation, though he does look good. They cut back on the paint apps, so the sword is dull, and there are weird unused pegs and hinges on his knees. Wings fall off their bases easy, and pretty meh articulation. Go with Voyager Pred.
a large impressive figure that reminds very much of beast wars. transformation is simplistic and paint needs work but fantastic figure never the less. well articulated and good playability. pick this guy up and you wont be dissopointed
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