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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001

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Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Side Burn

so much kibble but its well placed. interesting to transform. possibly the hardest dlx out there
A great figure with great posabillity! I love the way they managed to cram his robot mode into a reasonably small deluxe figure. As for me I realy like the way they designed the robot mode and how each of his weapons can be stored in vehicle mode. 10/10!!
A great figure with great posabillity! I love the way they managed to cram his robot mode into a reasonably small deluxe figure. As for me I realy like the way they designed the robot mode and how each of his weapons can be stored in vehicle mode. 10/10!!
cool paint job...and very good ..robot form
Wheelie iis My Name
Found him in my parents basement. Thought he was a G1 Tracks. Then I released he wasn't. Average robot mode. Cool car mode. Love the rober tires. Just bought his missing missile on transformer land.
want him he looks pretty cool but like all the car brothers his bot mode is a little too organic for a tf who truns into a machine instead of a beast though i dont mind organic bot modes with beast-bots
Hot Rod
Side Burn is a cool RID. He is difficult to transform. He has two very awesome guns.
Awesome TF! Vehicle mode is a Viper with flames which has got to be my favorite part about him. Robot mode has top of car as shield on his left arm. Very cool overall!
Hasbro acompanies the development of motor industy with this one!Probably the most hard to transform TF ever!Vehicle mode only comparable to the mythical g1 examples:Hot Rod,Tracks or Sideswipe!
Side Burn I got on my 2001 Christmas.He's so cool.I even took him to school and Todd liked when its a Dodge Viper.
ps matra
One of the best TF's ever made! Everything about this guy is awesome. For a Tf of this size, it just does't get anybetter. Justlike the other 2 carbros,a classic is born. This is a TRUE Transformer. Try totop these molds, even posability is topnotch
Ronald MacK
My first RID figure, it almost threw me off the entire line because it was so difficult to transform. The head looks great, as does the rest of the body. The top of the car makes an ackward shield, and the "crossbow" is too heavy for the arm.
I'm still thanking the heavens for an Official Viper transformer. And fortunately I was given Side Burn. Beautiful car mode....excellent Robot. Trully is the Viper transformer I had been waiting for. THANK YOU CAR ROBOTS!
Side Burn
Probably the best RiD toy ever.His transformation is very hard. I reccommend this Autobot to any person who is willing to take the challenge.
Awesome toy! I love this guy and think he looks very cool...too bad he got ruined by bad characterization on the show. Still, awesome robot and car modes and tons of posability make him the TOP car bros and on of my fav TF's ever
Armada Starscream
A cool toy though a little wierd in robot mode. Love the car mode. The name is stupid though considering that he's named after facial hair.
Angel Convoy Prime
Car mode rocks! Especially Super Side Burn! I do not like robot mode. Legs are too puny and he has al that stuff hanging off him. He's kinda like the early Beast Wars: just a robot in a shell. (i.e. Rattrap)
D-012 Scourge
Great vehicle mode, it's Dodge Viper(my favorite car) Great Robot mode mode. only thing thats wrong with him is his engine. The engine only has 8 cylinders, the Viper has 10. But other than that error great Transformer.
Bat X-9
I don't know why but I just don't like him for some reason. Side Burn does have a nice transformation and is very posable
Car mode doors don't always close all the way. I prefer the super color scheme. I prefer his crossbow on the car front shoulder in RM (Try it!) and the way he can use weapons in Car Mode is great. I just wish it was in the instructions.
side burn has one of the best veichel modes i've ever saw transformation is farly difficult lets face it i enjoy it
very nice car but i think the transformation is too complex considering that im 9 ah well the but the legs must have been bigger but the guns pay up for all the "kibble" and the legs.
The transformation is though on this toy but very compact. The car mode is cool, I hate the robot mode basicly because of the head and legs. I dont like the very young transformers in the shows and this is one of them.
I love this guys vehicle mode, there is nothing bad to say about it! I love the BIG HUGE Autobot symbol on the hood. TFmation is fun and hard. Looks good in Robot mode except the legs could be a lot bigger, they make him look weak, the guns make up for it
I thought that I'd really like this toy much more, but he's kind of flimsy. legs, arms and doors are to easy to pop off durring TFmation. Cool toy, I like the looks in both modes. Interesting transformation, but just not solid enough.
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