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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Alternators Assortment 2 (
), Alternators (

Reviews - Alternators Rollbar

this was just lazy. i know why they did it, but it's not very compelling. i prefer hound to swindle, since the transform, hood-as-chest, etc are clearly hound, and this is further removed from hound. i got it, since i love the alts, but it's a bit blah.
Bass X0
I was a huge fan of the Swindle mold so I felt compelled to get Rollbar too. Rollbar isn't as great as Swindle is, a lot of paint applications are unfortunately missing but he was released during Hasbro's lame "quick cheap release" stage of Alternators.
ive had him for about week but i got him at kmart with tracks and beastwars ratrap so hes just a repaints like swindle and hes the same mold as hound but i think he is better than both
Hylian Pirate
Not as good as the other Jeeps. He's a direct repaint of Swindle, and he's missing a few details paintwise. The toy itself is as solid as the other Jeeps. Pick him up if you missed out on Swindle or are a die-hard collector. Otherwise, he's not worth it.
This is just a sad excuse to make more money, but I bought it anyhow. It's a half job by Hasbro, still a good mold, but it's only half painted...half finished. Doesn't fit the bill as "Rollbar".
I didn't really care much for this mold to begin with, but leaving all the black accents arond the door and on the grillunpainted is inexcusable. I like the new color pattern, but it just needs more, it looks unfinished. Not bad, but could be much better.
I like this mold a lot. Everyone thought he was red and complained there were too many red alts. Well, he's orange. Orange and black. Maybe reprolabels has Flyers license plates to cover over Colorado (no offense).
I can understand the color, as a G1 Rollbar deco would make him look too much like Hound. Identical to Swindle, except it is harder to clip and unclip his waist.
The mold is still great, but it's a puzzling character to choose. He has the colour scheme of the G2 Swindle and the allegience of the G1 Rollbar. 2 homages for the price of one...interesting.
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