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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Alternators Assortment 2 (
), Alternators (
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Reviews - Alternators Ricochet

the nose IS painted: painted white. the underlying plastic is not white. ricochet looks really cool. even yho he's the same mold as streak, he manages to look v. different. unlike rollbar, he has a more extensive deco change which makes the difference.
K Bid
I drive a WRX so I had to pick this up the moment I saw it. The plastic is kind of thin, but required for it to look authentic in car mode. Legs transform a little weird. Doesn't quite "snap" together like I always hope. Robot mode looks "Classic".
Wheelie is my Name
This is my first Alternator I bought and was kinda disapointed. The magnet underneath his fell of and I lost it. The hood kept on popping of. I thought it was supposed to be metal. It has the old school G1 look in robot mode.
great overall figure car mode is nice robot mode is where it shines though i like this fig props rto hasbro
He is a great Alternator. Only thing is his nose is white. He looks like a life guard.
Hylian Pirate
He's as good as the other Subarus, but the fact that he's a direcr repaint looses him some points. Great colors, but Ricochet wasn't that well known in G1. No nostalgia, but cool Get him especially if you missed out on Silverstreak, his source mold.
the nose is supposed to be white.... hasbro was going for a norman helmet motif... it's a nose gaurd.
We've seen this mold 3 times now, and it's still just as tight as it was to begin with. I like the new black, and the flames are alright too. As mentioned by everybody else, the glaring white spot on his nose just kinda makes it look goofy.
Hm...I didn't have any of the problems JD mentioned, mine seems tighter than any either of the other WRX toys. I love the new black paint w/flames. Only flaw about him is his nose is unpaited...it's a huge glaring white spot on his face.
Oh my god! Hasbro's QC has completely ruined this mold. I bought him and all I did was open the hood and it fell right off. The magnets on his front axles wouldn't even line up to stay in place when in car mode. Ricochet is horrible!
One of the best molds in Alternators. I don't generally like repaints, and I don't like the cheap flames. But when I saw him in the store, I noticed he had Jersey plates. Wait, just the back plate. Are they all like this or do they get different states?
He was re-issued by Hasbro as a targetmaster. Though he never actually appeared in the 1984-1990 G1 cartoon or toyline. The alternator toy will probably have the same plusses and minuses as the other Subaru Imperia molds.
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