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Release year: 2013

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Reviews - TF Prime Hun-Gurrr (Beast Hunters)

Linkin Pax Westen Combs
my second favorite of the set, makes for awesome torso for abominus and transforms very much like g1. weapon is SHARP and can be used if you lose your pocketknife.
for a legion that has to become an aditional bot mode torso, this is fantastic. large for the class and transformation reminds of g1 with updates. pick this guy up and you will love it for not only the combination but the good memories it will bring back.
Nice posability, BIG for a legion fig. Transformation is easy but fun, good G1 redesign. His foot talons form cool weapons in bot mode as well. Sturdy joints that don't flop around or fall off. A really solid figure!
This is a good toy. Nice, easy transformation and good G1 colors. There are some nitpicks, like the weapon that is easy to choke on and some missing articulation points . But overall, go out and buy this figure (Specifically at a Wal Mart)
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