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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Misc. (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Overbite/Repugnus (Target exclusive)

lord megatron
Hey stop placing non-reviews here! That being said this is actually a really neat set, I mean sure, they're just repaints, but Hasbro's choice for Repugnus is WONDERFUL! I feel that he should be displayed with my classics. Overbite is also a nice addition
Kira Yamato
Well it doesn't hurt me to say this, but I'm not a big fan of the first Animal Wars(infact, it does bores me when I saw it) but I do liked the two japanese anime versions of Animal Wars(2nd and Neo) and to think Hellscream was my favorite Destron.
I do like them alot but the price I paid for them was rediculus. The only other thing is I don't like overbite's head sculpt. Also, I noticed that they list repugnus as a decepticon on the box while he has an autobot sybol on his back.Still good toys.:)
More fun that I thought!! I was going to pass them but found them for sale...both toys are winners! Im glad I did not pass them up. Highly recommended. lots of play value and fun! If you get them on sale..get them! if not well get them too...
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