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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
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Reviews - Beast Wars 10th Optimus Primal w/ Maximal Ship "Axalon"

cool he has a serf board l like the robot mode better than the beast mode but they are both cool
Robot mode is great. not a huge fan of the beast mode.still over all good toy.
Great toy, I have the Cybertron version, Check out my other review.
It has a transformation as unique as Magmatron. All the bot mode possability we've come to love, and a rare ability to be posed in beast mode. This is one great tf. The hover borad is silly looking as a weapon, but a fun play option.
This OP should have been the toy version released in Beast Machines-looks Transtechorganic. It may have been the concept for BM OP. I agree w/Capn about ape hands & bot mode wrist. He has built in Prime jets;wish Bazooka board had been thought through.
Awesome 'bot mode,great detailing all around. If the ape mode had opening hands and the 'bot mode had wrists, he would be a 10.Throw the surfboard away and forget you ever saw it.The Axalon is a neat touch too, nicely done overall!
Dr Kain
Like Megatron, this is the Primal that should have come out 10 years ago. Great figure, nice articulation, but the his color scheme hurts him, mostly in beast mode. He should look more organic, at least in his colors. Still great though. B+
With an excellent, imaginative robot mode it seems only appropriate that something about the toy must suffer. In this case, the alt mode and the weapon/vehicle are less than stellar, but the robot is so much fun it's a hard toy to pass up. Snag one.
Chaos Bringer
A little round and chubby in bot mode but has potential for the Transtech line. Like Robotmasters; G1 and Beast Wars together but techno organic. Beasts are robotic and bots are furry, feathery, etc. Like the highly sucessful transmetals.
Suprisingly good despite pictures I've seen. Definitely needs more black to finish his beast mode, but robot mode looks good, feels sturdy, and has a pretty complex transformation. The board is more or less disposable, but this bot is actually worth it.
A very nice remold of the original. I like the difference between bot and beast mode. The Surf Board is a bit silly but okay. Very poseable and fun to play with. Cyber Key feature seems tacked on, no cyber key code. Buy if you like BW or Cybertron.
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