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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
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Reviews - Beast Wars 10th Megatron with Predacon Ship & "The Gathering" comic

predacons are the best til all are one
mokey ass
why does he have a crber key they dont in the show
Great toy, I have the Cybertron version, Check out my other review.
This is kind of a pointless figure, with the stupid Cybertron Cyber-key and the technorganic look that doesn't resemble any of the previous incarnations, but for some inexplicable reason I like it anyway. The Darksyde is a nice bonus.
almost perfect! Excellent mold. the only minor drawback is the smallish arm but you get over that quickly highly recomended! Got both repaints woot..and i never buy repaints
Looks awesome...very threatening in his altmode and imposing as a 'bot...when his stubby arm isn't showing.Then he just looks like chris elliot from scary movie 2.
This is a fantastic toy. Posable beast mode and a removeable tail weapon in robot mode. The only reason I didn't give him or bw10 primal a 10, is because for $5 less you can get better paint scheams. If, you don't mind doing without mini ships.
Lord Megatron
This guy is the spitting image of the original megs from Beast Wars! I also like the feature that hasbros makin another one who looks like Predacon from armada!
Dr Kain
Could have used some better colors to make him look more show accurate, but overall, I wish this version had come out 10 years ago. He is so much cooler than the original BW Megs, despite not having a real organic mode. Now I just need a rubber duck. A-
OK robot mode, pretty good dinosaur mode. By and large, overrated. Lots of good personality but the short robot arms and long robot legs make it slightly more awkward than it needs to be, although it's an OK toy unto itself. A decent toy, decent price.
Mr Grimm
Excelent update of the classic form. The left arm switches between cartoon style arm and tailwhip/cannon well and allows for posability. As for the body, it mixes organic and transmetal extremely well. just wish it had a better paint scheme .
they say this one is going to come in stores in the cybertron version but just a repaint of this is what i mean so I will get that and I already have this figure.
Chaos Bringer
This figure has potential. This is too techno-organic to be from Beast Wars, but this could be repainted, given a longer arm, and start the Transtech line! Come on I'm sick of deformed, sorry, FUTURISTIC cars. Bring Transtech back from the grave. Please!!
This is a fantastic update from Beast Wars. Molding and detailing is very nice, and the transformation is more in depth than the original. There is some floppiness in the arms (which are also stubby), but overall this is a great tf. Highly Recommended.
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