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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1996
Categories: 1996 (
), Deluxe (
), Beast Wars (
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Reviews - Beast Wars Dinobot

Bass X0
After giving up on Transformers during G2, it was Dinobot which won me back into being a fan again during 1996. I was amazed at the time at just how poseable he was. Even now he's a great mold but has better looking repaints which should be sought out.
Maybe not the greatest toy in all of history, but darn near the best TF character ever written. For several reasons, it'll always hold a special place for me & my collection. My bros were living in the U.K. at the time. I, having just
learned how to e-mail / I.M., had just found these 1st of a new line of TFs. Among the 1st 4 I'd ever found, Cheetor, Dinobot, Tarantulas and Waspinator, I picked Dinobot (& Waspy) & shipped the others to them.
"Are they cool?", they asked. I always remember the lively discussion it spurned when I answerd, "well, do you think an organic animal that turns into an metallic robot is cool?" Alhough skeptical at first, we were quickly won over & became every
bit as big of fans of BW as we ever were of G1. Shocking! Great beast mode. Other than a few G2 toys w/ joints too lose to hold their position, posablity was an all new feature we loved! Fun bot mode tho head sculpt could've been better, fun TF'n.
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