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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1996
Categories: 1996 (
), Ultra (
), Beast Wars (

Reviews - Beast Wars Optimus Primal

Amazing figure. Looks awesome in both modes, and is so much fun to play with due to excellent articulation and and fun play features. He's a must own for any Transformers fan!
This has to be one of the coolest figures I've ever owned! The transformation is simplistic but effective, all his gimmicks are awesome and he has great articulation! You can not call your self a TF collector if you do not own this figure!
ok new review of primal. i managed to get a new one on ebay woooo!!! love the figure cooler than i remember. he was the furst tf i ever braut myself so its only fitting i got him again. next up dinobot universe and metroplex g1 lol
i had him when i was small and i want him again but can't find him anyware. if any of you wanna get me one feel free. feel free to add me on msn as well if you wanna sell one for a reasonable price. electropuff@hotmail.co.uk. lol need optimus again
i have the new version of the this that is cartoon accurate and it makes a difference...
Incredible fig. Great sculpt, good xform, looks superb in both modes. Many ambitious features. Gear gimick not perfect but extremely cool. Gorgeous head sculpt! Excellent early effort from the designers. You *must* own at least one version of this toy!
Hoodimus Prime
A classic though not show accurate Takara would fix this in ten years loved these toys because there was a place for all his weapons to hide while in beast mode great action features like the banging chest and 2 pop out missile launchers Primal had it all
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