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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Alternators Assortment 2 (
), Alternators (
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Reviews - Alternators Autobot Camshaft

it was sort of a lazy repaint but i saw it coming a mile off cos the grey/silver is one of honda's "hero" colors fot this model. shame theres no remolding but it's a good figure with plenty of easy customizing options (switch legs, change head, etc)
AWSOME recolor of prowl. Great car, great toy,great color. Overall great!
mine was full of flaws... the slot that allows the rear bumber to slide wasn't cut out proerly so the figure wasn't properly transformed out of the box, this cause the paint to rub off the bumper, and the grill ornament isn't gued in.. almost lost it.
he is a cool repaint of prowl, but is he, I never saw them closdely if they were repaints, i know they are because look and this guys head and prowl's head, they both look the same and both also come with the stick.
Good colors but the rear bumpers pop off during transformation, shoulder details on box are not on front side of shoulders on figure, could have been an awesome retool and repaint of decent mold. I hope these problems is just this one and not line wide.
Don't know what Emilus sees, but I think Camshaft is the best repaint in a while. I gave it a 9 because mine was mis-assembled in the arms. Much Better mold than Mirage or Prime. A few cool pin-stripes from Reprolabels will finish him off!!
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