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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), 6" Titanium (
), Titanium (
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Reviews - Titanium Megatron (6")

Chaos Bringer
Fantastic! Great articulation and transformation is fun. Holds together really well. Probably the greatest Megatron ever! Better than MP! I don't know what happened to the ones you guys got but I have seen proof on youtube. Mine must be a freak!
The figure falls apart even before you can cut all the twisty ties and remove it from it's package! Hasbro, you must be joking... The leg joints are a joke, arm joints are way too weak to support the weight of the arms. This Megs needs a major overhaul...
This overall is an awful toy. Poor joints. Heavy arms and leg supported by plastic joints. Not the best idea Hasbro
This figure reminds me of the woody doll from toystory. always falling apart,espeacily the arms. there is no posability, and it dosent even feel like megatron, if anything its a G1 quake figure gone diecast.
Captain Gundam
The return of Transformers vs. G1-Joe Megatron appleases all.
When you design a toy and it's right arm keeps falling off, then you need to go back to the drawing board. the weakest joints of any toy I've ever seen. This should have never been released, I want my money back.
even worse than the emperor/shuttle..this guy is not worth 5 dollars...horrible had to return it right away...
Shoddy overall feel, unimpressive armament, poor articulation, and plainly lousy altmode. The shallow chest, pathetic cannon and blase facial expression do NOT bespeak a character of Megatron's 'caliber'.
draconis of nebulos
I too am less than impressed, especially since I was looking foward to this particular mold. Right arm on mine seems to have trouble staying on. Also, if you don't TF him carefully, he falls apart easily. I am, sadly, dissappointed.
Ive never given a rating this low...He looks good displayed in the box and thats just about as good as it gets...robot mode has no posseability, limbs are too heavy and fall off easy. tank mode is almost as bad...turret does not evn rotate,should i go on?
It gets 2 points for being Megatron. Expect to be disapointed, because you will be. Almost no poseablity in either mode. Tank mode at least looks good. Die cast is neat, but good poseablity is better.
Mc Primus
Galmorzu is right on, the posability stinks. Hip joints couldn't hold legs together if he were made of plastic. Had to twist tie the hips together to allow him to stand up at all. Arm joints are really weak too. Great concept, just need higher quality.
Robot mode is a pile of heavy weak limbs and joints carefully balanced to stay in a simple standing pose without crumbling and coming apart. Posability is all but impossible. He looks decent otherwise. Tank mode is sturdy and looks pretty nice.
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