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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Leader Vs (
), Beast Wars 10th (
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Reviews - Beast Wars 10th Optimus Primal vs. Megatron (Leader Class - TRU exclusive)

Fantastic molds for such early run of Beast Wars. Look great displayed with the rest of BWX figures. Really only buy it for the hardcore collector, but hey, thats basically what BW 10 is for right?
Nemesis Primal (Scorpomike)
I don't have the originals but these are great. Very accurate to the TV show. I hope they reissue the Transmetals versions in the near future. I didn't like the Beast Wars right away, but my mind has changed.
Tyler N.
I just loved the set.It was even better because I didn't own the first ones.I like Optimes Primal best[I rate him a 5.].But I don't like Megatron that much[I rate him a 4.].
Well that's just Prime!!! Now I will enjoy show accurate versions of Ops and Megs and retire old versions. I really wish these were the way they were to begin with. This goes under the Christmas tree!
The molds are almost identical to the orignals. The only real differences are show accurate heads, paint and a different look on the gorilla face. The only ? is, if you already have the orignals, is paint and heads worth $40?
draconis of nebulos
Show accurate representations!!! What more could you possibly ask for!! Already have my pre-order down. I should have them in my hands soon enough!! Woo-hoo!
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