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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
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Reviews - Cybertron Optimus Prime (BW10th Optimus Primal repaint)

looks okay, looks kinda like the beast machines
phi slamma jamma
An interesting take on Primal.Very articulated and detailed.Not a big fan of the surfboard/gun/blade at first, but it grew on me.Could use built-in weapons on Optimus (like wrist blasters).Robotmasters Optimus Primal is still the best (and show accurate).
what a waste of time. Talk about a freak show!!
Kira Yamato
I gave this a 3 not because I'm a rabid Animal Wars hater(I was bored with it but I liked 2nd and Neo)but because I just didn't like the concept of a Prime leader as a gorilla, that just creeps me out.
Domon/Amuro, quit it with the immature antics. PLEASE. This figure rocks. He's well articulated, well designed, and I love that hoverboard. I give this guy a 10.
Cool toy, I like the board. The transformation is complex but not too tough. I wish there was more blue to make him match the cartoon Primal. Monkeybots Rule! Beast Wars is awesome!
optimus maddox
The legs in gorila mode turn his arms turn into his arms in robot mode.nice gorila form!
Night Scream
I like the new Primal but the beast feet becoming the hands and the beast hands becoming the feet is weird. What I'm thinking is they could have used the Robot Masters or the mold for the 10th anniversery edition and this one
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