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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
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Reviews - Titanium Soundwave (6")

whats to say hes pure awesome wrapped around energon
Wheelie is My Name
Cool looking figure. Great detail. Easy to transform. What I don't like its too small and the right leg keeps on popping off. Overall a great figure if you spend 15.99 not if spend 30 like I did.
Nice figure except for the legs. Oh, Lord Megatron, I think he turns to a boombox. And chaos bringer, laserbeak goes in the chest in my figure.
Ugly. Badly proportioned, floppy, tends to fall over and have telescoping legs collapse on themselves when standing on them. Neither mode looks very good and Lazerbeak is pretty simple. 3 points because he's a neat character, not for the figure itself.
Chaos Bringer
The tape is supposed to fit inside his chest behind a tape door, but instead there is NO hole in his chest at all! The tape is actually held by a pouch that sticks out. And the robot is bad. It took me 10 minutes to find the head. Very ugly. Do not buy.
Found him yesterdy at my hometown Wal-Mart. He looks nice. Good G1 form. But he only comes with Laserbeak. Why is that? Anyway good job Hasbro.
Kira Yamato
I didn't get a chance to buy G1 Soundwave, so this is what I can get close to so far.
Nemesis Primal
Great toy, I don't think it's so odd looking. Just looks more like a boom box then a small tape player on a smaller scale. He has G1 recorded all over him. I like how Laserbeak can sit on his shoulder. He gets a 9 for the legs easily becoming detached.
This is resally um... odd looking. The tape player looks mutated. I might get though cause i need g1 soundwave and the tru exclusive was cancelled no idea what ww soundwave turned into
lord megatron
"Soundwave eject, operation Titanium!" sweet figure awesome that he comes with lazerbeak one question that i need answered if anyone knows what war within soundwave change into?
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