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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Legends (
), Classics (
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Reviews - Classics Leo Prime - Legends

Confusing homage, but a neat one. Prime fans, get one. Everybody else, it's a little clunky and overly tight-- plus the blue paint isn't always even at the head joint. The claws pop off, but it does look good. Get one if you dig what you see in the pic.
Bass X0
Out of all the lion Transformers they could have used they went for the Japanese Beast Wars character Lio Convoy to homage. This toy is certainly more unique and desirable for that reason alone, the mold has a simplistic transformation but good colors.
Chaos Bringer
This is not Leo Prime.
Excellent homage. Still wish they called it leo convoy though...
A color scheme that really elevates this mold. Looks sweet next to my Beast Wars Tigatron. A must buy at this low price point.
Kira Yamato
I was never a fan of first Animal Wars series but I'm a fan of the anime Animal Wars series and 2nd was my fave, especially Lio Convoy. I never thought he would be in the Classics toyline.
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