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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2006
Categories: 2006 (
), Legends (
), Classics (
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Reviews - Classics Perceptor - Legends

Bass X0
A little known feature of the original Perceptor toy was that he could transform into a tank - thats where the inspiration for this comes from. Classics Perceptor is a good homage to the original and also an acceptable (if brick-ish) toy in its own right.
It doesn't desearve a price tag of 19.99 or even more in overseas as it doesn't have any unqiue features whatsoever. As boring as a brick. He does look like a brick from the back and the side.
Great figure for being in the legends class. Lord Megatron, I think Big Bad Toy Store has the Japanese reissue of G1 Perceptor. That's where I got mine.
G1 Galvatron
Wishful thinking Lord Megatron, if we could have one of those we already would, i offer this toy a 9 one of my highest autobot ratings ever because i find it very cool nice that the cannon/telescope can flip onto the shoulder
Nice homage kinda flimsy but still sweet
Lord Megatron
Man this figure does look similar to G1 perceptor! Though he does seem a bit akward and his alt. mode isn't as pleasing. I hope they do make an actual classics one because I would like to have a robot that can change into a real-working microscope.
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