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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
), Legends (
), Classics (

Reviews - Classics Menasor - Legends

Bass X0
Menasor has got to be the dullest looking Classics Legends repaint because of his grey/black color scheme. Cybertron Legends Optimus Prime looks a lot better. Menasor is really for completists only but it is not a terrible mold just an underwhelming one.
Wheelie is My Name
It's cool they reissued motormaster. I wish was bigger. When transform him I afraid his arms are going to snap. It's cool to motormaster in my collection now.
Kou Uraki
His colors really matched more like Motormaster's rather than Menasor but anyway Decepticon redecos are awesome. Its like Nemesis Prime all over again.
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