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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
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Reviews - Titanium Ultra Magnus - G1 (6")

Leo Prime
This figure is rubbish, i do not like him very much, he doesn't hold his gun , he falls apart and is just a loot,the truck mode floppy.
This is an awesome version of G1 Magnus. The figure looks great and is very cartoon/ comic accurate in both modes. The articulation is good, and opening chest that reveals an empty matrix compartment is a fantastic bonus feature. Con: knee joint is weird.
ultra magnus is my favorite tf ever and i have all of the magnus figures and this is my third fav, it holds better than warwithin magnus i love it so much
This figure is rubbish, i do not like him very much, he doesn't hold his gun , he falls apart and is just crud.
WOW the ultra mgness looks very good compared to the original I want it, it looks good, but no gun.
Finally! A good Ultra Magnus figure. G1 style too. Highly reccomend for your collection.
Looks nice in robot mode, truck mode is floppy with no ability to lock parts together save for a couple of places and one of those places can't secure fully. Most parts just pose in place. Hard to align truck mode fully. No place for gun. Little metal.
lord megatron
Man he looks cool, and it seems to me that some of the titanium g1 figs do a little more justice than the actual classics did. like for example, rodimus prime, ultra magnus, and soundwave, no offence to the original sw.
Chaos Bringer
I finally have a reason to get a titanium figure. Finally an Ultra magnus that has the super mode. Yay! And it isn't just a repaint of Prime with no trailer. Now I have to get a titanium figure And suffer the money depleting completist urge.
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