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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1997
Categories: 1997 (
), Misc. (
), Machine Wars (

Reviews - Machine Wars Starscream

I remembered this toy from back and the day and got him some time ago from BBTS. Its actually really good for that generation of figures and while its not fair to compare it to what we've got today, it holds up really well.
great figure, its a brick but at least its an epic one. It color scheme is distinctly not G1 Starscream. its a repaint as the entire line was in this case a G1 figure exclusive to Europe called Skyquake, which suffers from GPS. Great but not the best.
Jarreth the Crimson
Zombie screamer rules!!!
Jarreth the Crimson
Try to look at it this way.Starsceam was a Ghost with the ability to takeover other tformers.So why not the corpse of a fallen comrade!We all know the tformers bodies loose all color when they die.
Bass X0
Starscream is a repaint of an early nineties European toy called Skyquake. This is why it doesn't resemble anything like the Starscream we all know. The toy is quite large and lacks articulation. Its color scheme is mainly black/grey which makes it dull.
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