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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1987
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Reviews - G1 Sixshot

Six shot was after Transformers The Movie it should be part of Gen 2. Anything before the movie was Gen 1 anything that was in the movie and after was Gen 2. That would include the TV shows also.
Orion Hasbeen
Very nice bot with allot of play value. Can usually be found complete and decent shape. Joints usually tight enough to decently support its modes. Imposing modes except for gunmode, which appears pasted on. example of g reat 80's toy.
Lord Galvatron
The best multi changer of the G1 era. Robot mode is fairly brickish but impressive nonetheless, compelte with great weaponary. Robot mode is the ebsat followed by jet and assault mode. A truly unique figure and the size and height makes it memorable .
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