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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
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Reviews - Movie Barricade (with Frenzy)

Very awsome figure, big and bulkie. Very cool figure.
My favorite movie toy. Great detail on both the car and robot mode, and the looks... they just kill! It gets a 9 simply because it doesnt have an automorph feature.
tidalwave 2.0
i think barricade is a cool transformer but a little to easy i would have made him a 9 but since he comes witha cool little frenzy i added a point
Wheelie is my Name
I have almost the entire movie collection. Barricade is still my favorite. I have him guarding the all spark. Very evil looking. There is nothing cooler than a decepticon that turns into a police car.
Hoodimus Prime
if only in robot mode his shoulder wheels bent the other way that would just complete the figure oh well lousy spring loaded arm still all that and I'm still giving the guy a 10 because the amazing detail in car mode everyone loves the bad guy
"Punish and Enslave" it pretty much sums up the Decepticons very well and Barricade wears it as a badge of honor. Quite possible the BEST vehicle mode of all the deluxe movie transformers. He is getting a 9 is because his spring loaded arms! Bleck!
Great figure saddled with quality control issues. Luckily mine doenst have such a hair trigger punch. One of the windshield wings are bolted on so tight that I feel I will snap it when I rotate it into place
G1 Galvatron
OOGA BOOGA, is all i have to say, take a 7 Barricade and the small frenzy can have a 5
Awesome car mode. The Frenzy is a nice little extra. Good bot mode but the windshields and the front fenders extending over shoulders both get in the way. Other than that a great figure and worth getting.
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