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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
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Reviews - Movie Spy Shot 6

ultra prime
prettey cool
Fire Convoy
Only problem:right arm has to be facing forward to bend and then you can see the screws.But then he's also small.He is the lead role in my live-action/stop-motion TF home movie whis is feature leangth and not done yet.Love the left claw, so realistic!
Gah... I can appreciate that a lot of you guys like these figures but the aesthetic does nothing for me. Camera mode looks cheap, robot is gawky. I didn't expect much for $6.99 but these just don't do it for me.
Wheelie is My Name
Cheap. Could of made it better. Not as cool as speed dial 600. Wish they would of reissued reflector instead. That would be tight.
This is my first real gear picked him up for free at TRU. all i can say is "I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY" i think im more excited now over the Real Gear line than the actual movie line.
Spy 6
Before my review, i whould like to say CHEAP-LOOKING!!SPY SHOT IS NOT CHEAT LOOKING Now the review Best figure ever. Both modes solid. Transformation conplex but not to conplex. CAN'PUT IT DOWN worth way more than $7 buy it,it's the best TF ever...
Spy 6
With as many bendy-pointts as a human. very nice face but no wepons. BOOOOO. Either way, best bargian ever. P.S clicking doesn't sound like a shutter
Lord Megatron
this figure is good! I like the fact that he looks so convinsing! -1 point for legs not staying straight sometimes.
Love the "nerdy" or scientist look of this figure with his stove pipe hat and eyes that look like huge glasses. My first real gear & I'm not disappointed. Would definitely recommend. Complex yet fun transformation.
I like the somewhat complexity of the the transformation.I like a robot mode that's a little out of proportion,it seems more realistic.I have no problem with the way the button works.I don't think it sounds like a shutter.Still not as cool as Reflector.
I agree the clicking is cool but makes no sense. Transforming a bit more complex than Speed Dal 800, but a better looking robot mode. It's like he's a modern day Reflector. I wish my digital camera was this thin. There'd be more options with a cell phone.
Nice, solid camera mode, clicking shutter button makes no sense (digital) but cool touch. Looks kinda cheap. Surprisinly incolved tform sequence, nice bot mode with a lot of character. Decent articulation. A cool figure, but feels a bit sparse for $7..
I'm digging the concept/execution of the Real Gear items even more then the alien faced bigger 'bots. This one is solid in both alt mode (clicking shutter!!) and as a robot with a funky hat and lightpiped red eyes. Nice for $7.
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