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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
), Fast Action Battlers (
), Movie (

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Reviews - Movie Decepticon Brawl - Double Missle

Frenzy is my fave from this line but 2nd place goes to Brawl for doing it better then his Deluxe version brother whose flawed arm pegs make him worthless. Smoking tank. Smoking 'bot. $10. Poses well with the deluxe vehicles.
Chaos Bringer
Looks more imposing than deluxe. No problems to speak of. Has lots of guns. More accurate than deluxe. Cooler transformation as well. Best Brawl figure. this fig gives you no reason to get leader class. Cheaper but no less good. You can't go wrong.
draconis of nebulos
I was reluctant to pick him up,but Im glad I did. Bot mode is fantastic,better than deluxe Brawl in my opinion,despite lack of posability. Tank mode is awesome too,but not perfect-main turret cant move(due to t'formation so, forgiven) Great fig for a FAB.
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