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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
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Reviews - Movie Booster X10

This is a great homage to G1 Laserbeak and is good enough to be re-released as classic figure in it's own right. Get it,open it and love it!!!!
awesome alternate mode good bird mode all around awesome
Booster is basically Laserbeak as an iPod (It was either him or Soundwave!), and it's pretty good. Booster fits well in my hand, and the earpiece fits if you get it just right. The bird mode is cool too, and looks good. Only complaint is odd colors.
cool figure
Bass X0
As soon as I saw Booster X10, I knew I had to have him. He's a great homage to Laserbeak. He's pretty much a useless toy in MP3 Player mode though - its just a brick and has very little role play fun. His bird mode is more than acceptable on its own.
Wheelie is my Name
Lazerbeak returns Megatron. Like some of my other warriors you never fail me. He fits right on the arm of megatron. Pretty cool. My second favorite realgear.
classic rocker ben 94
love this thing.
Evil Deception
Def a great homemage to Generation 1 laserbeak. Awesome look in both modes, should of been able to connect in MP3 mode but beside that, def one of my fav. real gear robots. Swoop this one up peeps!
Like the ohters I too wished the ear piece was connected, other than that this is a great Real Gear Figure and an awesome homage to lazerbeak!!!
lord optimus
i like this figure and i would wish if all the REAL GEAR items would be in the movie, seeming as the toys have less problems than the movie toys themselves!!! and i also wish there would be a chord or something joining the earpiece.
My second Real Gear and they seem to have less problems than the actual movie toys. I agree that the ear piece should connect in mp3 mode but otherwise it is indeed a great homage to G1 Laserbeak. Very simplistic transformation still a great toy though.
I do have a small problem, the talons can be a bit tricky to fold in and out. You have to pull his talons all the way forward to get him to stand. I had the same thought as Scorpomike did about the earphone piece, otherwise a great modern-day Laserbeack!
Great homage to the G1 Laserbeak. This is my over all favorite of all the real gear! I wish there were more animal, robot modes. I do wish the ear phone connected to him in mp3 mode. But I'm not going to take any points away for that.
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