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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
), Voyager (
), Movie (

Reviews - Movie Megatron (frozen)

Kinda cool, but what's with teh ice? His vehicle is MADE of ice. Also, transformation isn't that hard, too easy. might get ROTF version.
I want it sooooo bad the cannon in robo mode looks very G1 but the ice deco is unneccesary
Bot mode has nice detailing, posability & head sculpt. But I don't like the jet mode beause the wings are too short & transformation is WAY too basic, despite decent automorph feature. If you must buy this mold, make it the Best Buy premium version.
Omega Charge
On mine the arms keep coming off.
Great peice for anyone who makes daiaramas like me!
Oh,i see,well,just look for it on jinsaotomesdangeroustoys dot com
not sure what to think about this one. the easy transformation allows my nephew to play with him but even he complains about the feet not staying down. jet mode is awsome but the ice parts could of been left out. robot mode is lacking, dont know what.
ive seen the best buy on ebay and i think that it looks better because a repaint is more awsome to the frist and the leader class is more awsome
The leader class figure does exist! Also if you don't like the ice effect, I hear Best Buy will be having an exclusive metallic version of this one and Ratchet. I'm guessing they will be selling these in a display stand when the movie is out on DVD.
Decided on this version over leader because of being more streamlined like in the movie over the blocky leader class. Too small even by voyager standards. Don't care for head being exposed in jet and feet not staying in place in robot. Still a good buy.
While his transformation is terribly simplistic, this Megatron has some of the best sculpting I've seen in some time. Jet mode still looks wicked, and like Voyager Prime, his 'bot mode is a bit more streamlined than the clunky Leader-class figure.
Great toy but transformation is a little too easy for me. Rhinox, that link you gave doesn't seem to work.
Megatron 4.0
A really good deal for his modern design my only bad comment is that there is a lack of fire power with only one missile ps the detailing is suprbe a must for the searious collector.
Evil Decepticon
Pretty coo figure, not better than the leader class fig though. Much easier to transform and the ice detailing is tight. You can actually move the head side to side with this fig, unlike with the leader class fig u can't.
Silly ice bits. Transformation is too easy and boring.
Hoodimus Prime
Have yet to find him but what I see he looks good better than leader class but thats just pictures wont know for sure til he's in my hands review to follow
This fig is great! This was one of the few figs i was willing to look for 11 times. This figure gives great poseability and design. Definitely a thumbs up! ^_^
Great fig. Looses point for the fact that the feet won't stay in place in robot mode.
This voyager class silghtly more acurate to the movie and more flexible.The only real down size of this toy is that he is shorter than voyager class optimus. For the ediots that think(LC)megatron is better go to youtube and decide which is more acurate.
Chaos Bringer
I decided that this is better than leader class because leader class has the big problem of not being avaliable to those who want one. If voyager actually exists, then it's already better than leader because that one does NOT apparently exist.
lord optimus
well i do like this toy but there are a few problems, like galvatron said, the head is revealed and his hands are visible, but still, i like the ice detailing but i think the vehicle mode is a bit dodgy but i do like the robot mode :(
Chaos Bringer
Leader Megatron IS better, but this fig isn't so bad. Good articulation, both modes look cool, he has an arm cannon, and ice detailing. I wish it was bigger though, and the transformation is simplistic. if you can't get leader, this is a good substitute.
G1 Galvatron
I a hate thi figure he picks up things with his exposed hands in jet mode as well as his exposed head, get leader Megatron, much better
This is a fair figure, I just wish they would have made him at least the same size as Starscream. He has great posability. I like the transleucent plastic they use for ice. the nose of the jet has a firing spring loaded missle.
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