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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
), Fast Action Battlers (
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Reviews - Movie Decepticon Frenzy - Disc Blast

This is the best FAB Transformer ever!!! It have good details of the real movie Frenzy. The Disc Blast is awesome!!!And the radio is very Funny!!!
Psi Warp
Cute little bugger! Though thin and bulky at the same time, Frenzy is worth buying for his disc launching gimmick and radio form. Heck, they might just only make one such bugger for 07 only!! Get him now before they get out of stock!
Wheelie is my Name
Broke down and bought him last night. Cooler than I thought. I think its a little harder than a level 2 ? Very accurate too the movie. No one should ever knock this guy freakin awsome.
no one should EVER dis this toy it is freakin' awesome
Bought last night at Wal-Mart, the only FAB I want. As movie accurate as possible w/robot mode, though the speaker/head does bother me. Love the disc launcher, but wish they'd made the radio mode move accurate. This "killer robot is really distracting!"
when will he be on sale because i can't seem to find him any where
Chris Goh
This is definitely the best FAB, almost edging out the normal Real Gear line in terms of quality. Only quibble: needs more balljoint articulation and a way to better hide kibble. I want a Voyager-sized Frenzy which becomes a boombox!
The best F.A.B or Frenzy were ever gonna get and this the awesome!!!I LOVE this toy AND Frenzy (I am his biggest fan) Stereo mode is awesome, the robot mode is well detailed and movie-accurate,plus the razor-disc is powerful and fun to fire.100%MUST BUY
Hoodimus Prime
OH how I love this toy very very G1 reminds me of G1 wreckgar well his head anyway and love the disc launcher very nice for a kiddy toy too bad he is not more movie accurate but he is a fun toy
BUMMBLEBEE 2008, why'd did you give it a 1 and what are you talking about, I think it's an awesome toy.
Why is this FAB?! It's hightly detailed, fun & complex transformation, it should be a regular deluxe! Considering the impossible task of making a bot look like his movie self, they do a remarkably nice job, though I wish stereo was more movie accurate.
A little weird looking but, then again, Frenzy is a weird character! I really like the toy but would have liked the legs to bend at the knees. Very good for a FAB.
Not a big fan of FAB but like said before, it's the only way to get a transforming Frenzy. This will be the only FAB I buy. As far as the figure, it's a decent figure with a decent transformation but way too much kibble in robot mode.
Probably the only FAB I'll be buying. I'm a big fan of real gear, so Frenzy is a must have for me (yes, I know Frenzy is not real gear). I'm thinking they didn't make him a deluxe because of no automorph feature, which is fine with me.
This guy was funny in the movie. And the fig is no different from how he looks. Unique alt. mode, and very movie accurate.
I dont have this but BUMBLEBEE 2008 what r u talkoing about!?!?!
G1 Galvatron
Calm your rating, its good THE ONLY GOOD FAB arround, why get leeetle kiddi toys when you can get real ones but his is good cos it transforms, i have remolded speed dial with a frenzy head to represent his phone transformation
i found him today at target cool fig only $8.00 . also found fab black out.
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