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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
), Real Gear (
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Reviews - Movie Night Beat 7

The guys at Hasbro took a good mold and made it a lot better! My only problems with Booster were its odd colors (I know it's Lazerbeak, but it's odd for an iPod!), and this corrects that. Plus, it's pretty easy to find! I got mine at Walgreens.
The reason why I normally hate redecos is they are cheap reasons to sell more toys. Night Beat 7 is a prime example. If he�d been in the movie I could give a fairer review. Maybe it's because I'm a G1 purest, but recomended only as mint in box.
Wheelie is my Name
Very cool Transformers. I love the color and detail. It just so cool looking. Once again Hasbro did a great job with the real gear Transformers.
Good Repaint of Real Gear Booster x10.
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