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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
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Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Scourge (Toys R Us exclusive)

grate figure. got from bbts and the price was stageringly reasonable even missing parts i am impressed. evil bot mode and grate black convoy. missedout on laserrod prime but glad i didn't skip scourge. bot mode is simple but effective a must have
great i have the henkei version which is better it even came out faster than the us version and the toy it self was better only problem is it has a strange insiginia
Bass X0
I got the Car Robots Black Convoy version as I just couldn't wait for this toy. I originally skipped the original Laser Rod Optimus Prime toy as I didn't like the color scheme but this was beautiful and completely original at the time. The toy is awesome.
Angelus Prime
Great looking toy! Love him in the cartoon series and I believe they did a great job repainting the Laser Optimus Prime into an evil Optimus. His transformation is basic but looks awesome in both robot and vehicle mode!!
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