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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Deluxe (
), Movie (

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Reviews - Movie Barricade (Premium)

Hylian Pirate
The definitive Movie Barricade toy. The details on this fig are amazing. I'm not a fan of the spring-punch gimmick and his hands could stand to be a bit more pronounced when seen from the sides, but a great looking bot (and car!) nonetheless. Get him!
Great Detail went into this toy, Makes all the better to pick him up. I had the original Barricade Movie and picked this up to see the differnces and was pleasently Surprised. This is now my main Movie barricade as i gave my old one to my son. 10/10
megatron has a kitty kat
he is a cool figure.but i hate that stupid punch action .it is so annoying!!!!
nice that hasbro is bringing back thae cool movie toys back to look more than meets the eye
Just got it. Defintie must get even if you own the original. Most movie accurate figure so far. Chrome "Police" on doors and tail are a bonus. Looking forward to the rest of the premiums.
i could not find the first movie barricade at the store so i bought recon barricade, but don't like the color, i want this one so bad................
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