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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Deluxe (
), Movie (

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Reviews - Movie Bumblebee (Premium)

Phantom 99
I dont know if all of the rest are like this but the head and the shoulder armor keep popping off. Also the chest automorph is busted resulting into a mangled car mode.
Great deluxe figure. Very poseable. The yellow is much brighter. Agree with Hylian. The small head has too much detail. Did not rate it 10 because one of the very small yellow "shoulder pads" was loose & fell off. I couldn't find it on the floor.
Hylian Pirate
Got this with the Legacy 3-pack and am really impressed! Transformation is fun and the feet and hood automorph is cool. His blaster/stinger is great, too! The battle mask is OK, but may have too much detail for its own good at its size. Pick this one up!
cant seem to find any premiums toys anywhere so when will they be comeing out in what season of the year plese tell me because thay look the bomb
what fire convoy said.
Fire Convoy
I do not have this toy (yet) but I hear it is cool.it has a gray instead of black for its robot parts and has his faceplate battle mask thingamajig. I just wish he hade a face underneath.
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