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1.  Cyberverse Acid Storm (Cyberverse Warrior)
2.  Cyberverse Alpha Trion
3.  Cyberverse Arcee (Cyberverse Legion)
4.  Cyberverse Autobot Ark with Autobot Roller
5.  Cyberverse Autobot Drift (Tiny Turbo Changers s1)
6.  Cyberverse Autobot Guzzle
7.  Cyberverse Autobot Hot Rod (Tiny Turbo Changers s1)
8.  Cyberverse Autobot Ratchet
9.  Cyberverse Autobot Ratchet (Cyberverse Legion)
10.  Cyberverse Autobot Ratchet w/ Lunar Crawler
11.  Cyberverse Autobot Skids
12.  Cyberverse Autobot Topspin
13.  Cyberverse Barricade
14.  Cyberverse Battle in the Moonlight - Optimus Prime & Ratchet vs Crankcase
15.  Cyberverse Battle Steel Optimus Prime
16.  Cyberverse Battle Tactics Bulkhead
17.  Cyberverse Blackarachnia (Tiny Turbo Changers s1)
18.  Cyberverse Blackout (Cyberverse Commander)
19.  Cyberverse Blurr (1-Step)
20.  Cyberverse Bolt Bumblebee
21.  Cyberverse Breakdown (Cyberverse Legion)
22.  Cyberverse Bulkhead (Cyberverse Commander)
23.  Cyberverse Bumblebee
24.  Cyberverse Bumblebee (1-Step)
25.  Cyberverse Bumblebee (Cyberverse Legion)

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