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1.  3rd Party FT-11 Spotter (Not Reflector)
2.  3rd Party FT-13 Mercenary (Not Shrapnel)
3.  3rd Party PC-06 Perfect Combiner (for CW Devastator)
4.  3rd Party PC-07 Perfect Combiner (for CW Devastator)
5.  3rd Party PX-07 Triton (Fall of Cybertron Paddles)
6.  3rd Party PX-08 Asclepius (Fall of Cybertron Perceptor)
7.  3rd Party R17 Carnifex (Overlord)
8.  Generations Alpha Trion with Soverign
9.  Generations Apeface
10.  Generations Armada of Cyclonus (with Scourge and Sweep, Platinum Edition)
11.  Generations Astrotrain with Darkmoon
12.  Generations Autobot Blaster with Twin Cast
13.  Generations Autobot Heroes (Autobot Springer, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Sergeant Kup, Blurr)
14.  Generations Autobot Stripes (Titans Return Legends)
15.  Generations Blast Off (Combiner Wars)
16.  Generations Blurr with Hyperfire
17.  Generations Brainstorm with Arcana
18.  Generations Brainstorm with Teslor
19.  Generations Brawl (Combiner Wars)
20.  Generations Brawn (Titanmaster)
21.  Generations Buzzsaw
22.  Generations Chop Shop
23.  Generations Chromedome with Stylor
24.  Generations Clobber
25.  Generations Computron (Scattershot, Nosecone, Strafe, Lightsteed, Afterbreaker, Scrounge)

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