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1.  Generations (Headmaster) Arcee with Leinad (Daniel Witwicky) & Titanmaster Ultra Magnus
2.  Generations Acid Storm & Venin
3.  Generations Aimless
4.  Generations Air Raid (Combiner Wars)
5.  Generations Air Raid (Fall of Cybertron)
6.  Generations Air Strike Patrol w/ Visper (Whisper) & Storm Cloud
7.  Generations Alpha Bravo (Combiner Wars)
8.  Generations Alpha Trion with Soverign
9.  Generations Apeface
10.  Generations Arcee
11.  Generations Armada of Cyclonus (with Scourge and Sweep, Platinum Edition)
12.  Generations Armada Starscream (Generations Deluxe)
13.  Generations Astrotrain with Darkmoon
14.  Generations Autobot Battle Patrol w/ Flak & Topshot (formerly: Big Shot)
15.  Generations Autobot Blaster with Steeljaw (Fall of Cybertron)
16.  Generations Autobot Blaster with Twin Cast
17.  Generations Autobot Drift
18.  Generations Autobot Heroes (Autobot Springer, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Sergeant Kup, Blurr)
19.  Generations Autobot Intel Ops (Blaster and Perceptor)
20.  Generations Autobot Jazz
21.  Generations Autobot Ptero
22.  Generations Autobot Race Car Patrol w/ Roadhandler & Swindler
23.  Generations Autobot Rescue Patrol w/ Stakeout & Red Heat (Red Hot)
24.  Generations Autobot Stripes (Titans Return Legends)
25.  Generations Autobot Whirl

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