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1.  3rd Party P-001 Mentarazor (3P Seawing)- Poseidon
2.  3rd Party P-005 Deathclaw (3P Nautilator) - Poseidon
3.  3rd Party P-006 Thousandkills (3P Tentakil) - Poseidon
4.  3rd Party Poseidon Enhancement Pack (Blue)
5.  3rd Party Poseidon Enhancement Pack (green)
6.  3rd Party Poseidon Enhancement Pack (red)
7.  Generations (Headmaster) Arcee with Leinad (Daniel Witwicky) & Titanmaster Ultra Magnus
8.  Generations Autobot Ptero
9.  Generations Blitzwing w/ Hazard
10.  Generations Brawn
11.  Generations Breakaway (Getaway) with Throttle
12.  Generations Broadside with Blunderbuss
13.  Generations Bumblebee (Classic Legion)
14.  Generations Bumblebee (TR Legends)
15.  Generations Bumblebee Rock Rescue Team
16.  Generations Chaos on Velocitron - Series Pack w/ Quickswitch, G2 Laser Optimus Prime, Lost Light Nau
17.  Generations Cosmos (TR Legends)
18.  Generations Decepticon Fangry
19.  Generations Grotusque w/ Headmasters Fengul & Scorponok
20.  Generations Hot Rod with Firedrive
21.  Generations Kickback
22.  Generations Krok with Gatorface
23.  Generations Megatron with Doomshot
24.  Generations Misfire with Aimless
25.  Generations Octone (Octane) with Murk

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